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Imhosec Group is a creator of innovative products designed with security at their core, for personal or business use. We also provide a wide range of cybersecurity related services ranging from penetration testing to security awareness and training.


Products Built with Your Privacy & Security in Mind

The Cybercase

First anti-spying electronic phone case of its kind.


Safi Stealth Messenger

Safi is the most sotisphicated version of our Messenger line of products, and it enables secure, stealth communications (text, voice, video, images) not requiring any personal information such as phone number, email, or access to your phone contacts.

In addition to encrypted (military-grade) voice and video conferencing for large teams, Safi comes with a unique "Selective Blocking" feature which enables you to temporarily or permanently stop receiving calls from a contact, while still allowing them to send you messages and attachments. This functionality gives you total privacy and control over who you choose to talk to, and what you choose to receive from anyone (text, audio, videos, images, calls) at any given time. To activate the block, simply press which functionality to block and confirm your selection.

The monthly subscription price is USD $1.99 / month and supports family sharing for up to 6 members on iOS and 5 members on Android, with just one subscription.

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